The reader is caught in a race, a fight between four world seeking to expand their influence. The popularity of two young volcanologists is diverted. Creates a magna gas underground storage in Europe. A talented seismologist says it may announce an earthquake through the detector energy released by the collision of tectonic plates. The civil nuclear power is at the center of turbulence between politics and finance. The love story that invites rhythm that carries us from Alsace to Copenhagen, Reykjavik Washington Portland, and the volcanic islands of the Canary Islands to Switzerland, in a sequence of twists. 1974, the novel begins during the oil crisis orchestrated by OPEC, which stirs the differences of opinion in the important meeting of the International Agency for Atomic Energy. The story track changes to the civil nuclear disaster at the nuclear power station in the heart of Europe, the INB 75, March 11, 2011.
This exciting novel, credible, is timed using a realistic scenario. His conduct at the crossroads plausible industrialized nations raises questions.
The author, Hervé FRANTZ, is captain of firefighters specializing in natural and technological risks. He is also very active in volunteering, chess league, social works and Rotary International. He recalled the role of the secret services for the protection of economic interests of nations. It never decides on the continuation of the nuclear industry. In the background, it makes a sincere tribute to the work of journalists and all those essential emergency units, gendarmerie and police. He devoted a large portion of the profits from the novel to support projects and to subsidize works: orphans of firefighters, soldiers, gendarmes, police officers, as well as for research against painful diseases, current, he considers intolerable.